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Apps by DesignHub. Digital

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There has been >160% increase in app installations during this pandemic!

Apps by DesignHub. Digital
It’s a competitive market

Reach your customers instantly with the best of your brand in a growing mobile market.

Drive high engagement levels

With 24/7 visibility of your brand, in-app purchases and instant support options.

Better connect with customers

Extend their experience from the web with value additions and social media integration.

Aid with promotion campaigns

Offer instant promotions with push notifications to increase revenue.

Exciting App benefits that simply seals the deal …

“A very good Design and reliable app. I am very impressed with your design quality.”

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We know that it's definitely all in the detail. Our App Development ensures all modern UI elements are encorporated and your brand gets the best exposure with a happy user experience (UX) for your customers. Your App will help you connect better with your customers and give them what they want - instant gratification. Drive your sales, increase your revenue and take control in a competitive mobile market. Let's do this!

Apps by DesignHub. Digital

Parallax Image Features

Product image can parallax with product description.

Image Slider Option

Category banner can function as an image slider.

Bottom Sheet Add Feature

Handy add to cart functionality in the Bottom Sheet.

Quick Search Feature

Instant Search is quick and supports search history and recent searches.

Product Image Gallery

Load multiple images per product for a complete view and colour options.

Smooth Filter Options

Easy filtering through products, categories and sub-categories.

Product Hero Animate

Fresh and modern product image animate when maximising / minimising.

Map Auto-Fill Feature

Convenient Auto-fill feature of user address from the map.

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It's pretty simple: We take your existing woocommerce/shopify ecommerce website and develop an App for you, using your products and site information. Did we mention that we don't charge and arm and a leg for it? Oh and we will submit it to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on your behalf.
PS If you don't yet have an ecommerce site, hey, we are here to help!!
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